This year Kolonie Kubb will play as many Sundays as possible.  Usually after 1:00 pm till closing at the Millstream Brewery.  This will depend on weather, and if there are any events occurring in the Amana Colonies.

Next event is Wurstfest-Saturday, June 16th.  We will be setting up a few Kubb pitches in the grass behind the Brau Haus in Amana.  Play will begin at 11am.

​We expect to have are usual players plus some very experienced players.  But, we want everyone to play, even if you have never seen the game.  So please join us.

This year Kolonie Kubb will host its 2nd annual tournament.  It will be held on September 22nd.  Registration begins at 8am.  Play will begin at 9am.  Teams can be 2-3 members.  Cost is $40 per team.  You can register the day of the tournament, or use the contact page on this web site to register.

​Kubb Tournament

​​ Kubb Play