​​ Kubb Play

This year (2019) Kolonie Kubb will host its 3rd annual tournament.  It will be held on May 18th.  Registration begins at 8am.  Play will begin at 9am.  This will be 2-member per team tournament..  Cost is $40 per team.  You can register the day of the tournament, or use the contact page on this web site to register.

​Last year we had 8-teams.  Experienced ranged for experts to first time players.  So, it is open to anyone.

Believe it or not, Kolonie Kubb played outdoors on Sat., Jan 5th.  This was a last minute play when it was learned the temp was predicted to reach 50-degrees.  In fact the ground started to get muddy and soft as the day progressed.  We had a dozen players.

We had a great time and turnout indoors at the Millstream Brewery warehouse on 01/26.  The cold temps made people stay indoors, and what better way than by playing Kubb.

​Our next indoor play will be Feb 9th (10am-5pm) & 10th (11am-5pm).  Everyone, both new and experienced are welcome.  Please join us!

​Kubb Tournament